Nevada Permanent Make-up

and Microblading Academy


Permanent Makeup

From eyebrows to lips and also eyeliner services. Permanent makeup to wake up to


Non-machine tattoo eyebrows also known as microblading.

Micropigmentation Scalp Tattoo

Hair loss revolution for pattern baldness and scar cover-up.


Have you always wanted to learn the art of permanent makeup or microblading? 

Student Information


Southern Nevada Health District licensed and inspected. In compliance with the 6 month education requirements SNHD requires for students to receive a license.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash and Paypal. Payment plans spread apart over a 6  month span are accepted with a 10% surcharge.

All students are required to maintain malpractice insurance throughout their 6 month program. We will provide students with a list of very affordable insurance providers.


Full permanent makeup education program. 6 month training, education and apprenticeship $4900

Includes full education program, curriculum, hands on training, educational materials, practice materials and basic permanent makeup kit. This option covers eyes, lips, eyebrows, beauty marks and basic corrective services. Tests are given and homework is assigned. 3 text books are required reading.

Microblading apprenticeship only $2900

Includes only apprentice hours required by SNHD. This option is for students who took a microblading class that did not meet the hours SNHD requires for licensing. None of the traveling microblading courses meet the requirements of SNHD and you are required to have additional apprentice time. Please advise us of your training company and we will need a copy of your certificate. The apprenticeship only option does not include the full education program and curriculum. We will be providing materials to work on your models but not a student kit to take home.

The full education and academic program with apprenticeship:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin

  • History of cosmetic tattoo

  • CDC bloodborne pathogen certification

  • Sanitation and sterilization

  • Contraindications

  • Color theory

  • Proper application of cosmetic tattoo

  • Manual, microblading and machine methods

  • Practical application on live models

  • Law

  • Client relations


Students interested in training, please email info@NPMUA.Vegas  with any additional questions or text 702-475-DIVA to schedule a tour and orientation. 


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