Permanent Makeup & Microblading Licensing Program

Programs  At Nevada Permanent Makeup Academy

Our traditional classroom full time program fills up very quickly. Our traditional class is full with a waiting list until 2021. You can reserve a seat for 2021 or ask to be added to the waiting list.

Due to the popularity of permanent cosmetics and the need for technicians we have created additional educational program options.

The new programs include the full academic and apprenticeship licensing program that the full time program consists of. The delivery method is primarily via the virtual classroom on line. There are four program options now. There are now options that are a percentage of virtual Academy and hands on clinic floor hours. For example, our 50/50 program is 50% virtual Academy (on line for the first three months) and 50% in clinic (hands on traditional classroom work the last three months).

These new programs were created for the busy mom or working professional who simply cannot attend a weekday program for six months. These programs are designed for motivated and disciplined individuals. They require passion – practice and persistence.

The academic portion and many art lessons have been moved to the on line classes AKA virtual classroom. The 50/50 program first three months of lessons are via through the virtual classroom. There are various quizzes and essay questions in each unit. The online virtual classroom corresponds with the students 198 page text book and workbook. Supplemental art and design lessons are presented in the virtual classroom. A combination of audio, video and reading lessons are provided. Practice skins and all materials needed are provided in the student kit to complete art exercises.

Upon the completion of the three month fundamental academic program on line, the student will begin in Academy clinic hours and hands on training. This will include working on practice skins, pig skins and then human models. There will be several hours of homework and practice assignments each week. The student can take home their kit and will have everything to complete their assigned practice assignments. The hands-on class is one day or evening a week starting in their fourth month for the 50/50 program. The final three months of the 50/50 program are completed in clinic. Upon completion of the six-month program, students receive their SNHD document to pick up their official license.


Program 1 & 2  (no availability until 2021)

*Includes full student kit & supplies. Fundamental permanent makeup and microblading educational program or 50/50. Six-month payment plan available with $1500 down- 10% convenience fee on balance and six payments of $623.

Traditional in classroom program or 50/50 (50% virtual & 50% traditional classroom)program

Program 3  (most popular blended learning program) SNHD Licensing Program

80/20 Virtual Academy for 4 months three weeks/Traditional classroom hands on for last 5 weeks.

*Includes full student kit supplies. Fundamental permanent makeup and microblading educational program. FIve-month payment plan available with $1500 down- 10% convenience fee on balance and 3 payments of $733.33.

This is our most popular program for local students.

Program 4 

100% Virtual Academy. This is a certification program that includes all practices materials and student kit but no apprenticeship. Student can purchase an optional apprenticeship at a later time for $999 or apprentice with another artist if they desire. The flexibility of this program is perfect for out of town students. We do recommend working with or shadowing another technician upon completion of this program for a few days or weeks.

*Includes full student kit supplies. Fundamental permanent makeup and microblading educational program. No payment plans available

This course includes the full curriculum of our traditional program without the apprenticeship/hands on 6 month apprenticeship. This course is for out of state students. It can be completed in approximately 60 days.

Program 5 

This is an apprenticeship only option for experienced permanent makeup technicians from other states who need apprenticeship hours to meet the criteria for local Las Vegas SNHD licensing.

*No kit or supplies provided.

There are no payment plans. Tuition is due in full at time of signing.

There is no academic program or fundamental training. Technicians must demonstrate safe practices, infection control and technical ability. This program is to ensure technicians are well versed in local code, law and safe practices.



Southern Nevada Health District in Las Vegas Nevada requires a 6 month apprenticeship program to be legally licensed. We are licensed and approved. The program consists of approximately 300 hours total which includes clinic  floor hours, homework, practice exercises, online academic lessons, quizzes , essay worksheets and lecture.


We offer several programs to obtain a license! We have a full academic and apprenticeship as well as an apprenticeship only program.



  • *Classes are never more than 7 students on the floor.

  • * Full academic and apprenticeship program includes: anatomy, skin biology, color theory, fundamental lip, eye and eyebrow permanent makeup application, microblading, client protection, infection control, art exercises, synthetic and pig skin practice and live model practice.

  • * Apprenticeship only program is the 6 months SNHD requires but does not include educational /academic portion, kit, text book or on line portion. It’s a 6 month mentorship to ensure student understands public safety, law and can effectively carry out the tasks of permanent makeup per SNHD regulation. This program option is only available to out of state students who are certified and experienced but need the apprenticeship hours for SNHD licensing.

  • *Full academic program tuition includes student kit, pigments, text book,  all clean room supplies and machine are included.

  • * Clinic floor hours are once a week on the day that is selected in the student contract.

Our curriculum: Listed is some of the subject matter covered in programs 1-3.  New content is constantly added. Content is subject to change.

  • Anatomy and skin biology

  • History of permanent makeup

  • Fitzpatrick

  • Infection control

  • Color theory

  • Various art exercises

  • Machine types

  • Modalities (manual vs. machine)

  • Lining and shading

  • Microblading

  • Lip, eyeliner and eyebrow design

  • Trends

  • Corrective action

  • Law and local ordinances

  • Consultation

  • Contraindications

  • Marketing and business practices

  • Techniques

  • Pigment ingredients

  • Pain management

  • Live model practice



Student Kit: Included in programs 1-3 

  1. Text book

  2. Workbook

  3. Machine

  4. Power supply

  5. Foot pedal

  6. Skin prep pads

  7. Practice skins

  8. Pigments

  9. Razors

  10. Microblading handle

  11. Microblading needles

  12. Variety of machine needle cartridges

  13. Mapping pens

  14. Anesthetic

  15. Color theory wheel

  16. Ink caps

  17. Grip tape

  18. Mapping rulers (disposable)

  19. Sketching pencils

  20. After care

  21. Micro brushes

  22. Tote or carrying case

  23. Nevada Permanent Makeup T-Shirt

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